Name Description Version Download
TACLog Main program package, all necessary files included. (1,2 MB 2.02 tl202.zip
User's Guide Microsoft Word 6 version of the User's Guide. (35 kB) 2.0 tl_eng_w.zip


Name Contest By Updated Download
AGCW AGCW contests OZ2M 19980802 tlagcw.zip
ARRL CW ARRL CW extra points OZ2M 19980802 tlcw.zip
Belgian provinces Worked All Belgian Provinces - WABP OZ2M 19990506 tlonprov.zip
Canadian provinces and territories ? OZ2M 19980802 tlcanada.zip
CQ zones ? OZ2M 19980802 tlcq.zip
Czech provinces (Okres) Activity Contest OK1TRM 19980915 tlokres.zip
Dutch provinces Worked All Provinces - WAP Contest OZ2M 19980802 tlpa.zip
Dutch regios Region contests OZ2M 19980926 tlpareg.zip
Finnish counties ? OZ2M 20000822 tlohc.zip
French departements (Départements Francais) French 50 MHz contest OZ2M 19980802 tlfdept.zip
Hungarian counties ? OZ2M 19980802 tlhacoun.zip
Italian prefixes ? IW0EUI 19980819 tlitalia.zip
Italian provinces ? IV3KKW 20091206 tlitaly.zip
Italian ARI sections (Sezioni) Italian ARI Club IV3KKW 20091206 tlsez.zip
ITU zones ? OZ2M 19980802 tlitu.zip
Norwegian counties (Fylke) ? OZ2M 20000714 tlfylke.zip
RSGB district codes RSGB contests with RSGB district codes multiplier G1OGY 19980806 tlrsgbdc.zip
Russian oblasts ? OZ2M 19980802 tloblast.zip
Sicilian squares Sicilian Field Day OZ2M 19980802 tlsicily.zip
Slovakian provinces ? OZ2M 19980802 tlomprov.zip
Swedish laen (Svenska län) ? OZ2M 19980802 tlswelan.zip
Swiss cantons Helvetia 26 HB9ABN 20000131 tlcanton.zip
UK counties ? OZ2M 19980802 tlukc.zip
USA states ? OZ2M 19980802 tlusa.zip
Worked All Europe ? OZ2M 19980802 tlwae.zip

All files are less than 5 kB in size. Unzip file and place TLxxxxxx.TXT and TLxxxxxx.VOE files in the TACLOG\DATABASE directory.


TACLog supports user selectable context sensitive help texts in different languages also the TACLog User's Guide has been translated into other languages. These files are distributed separately. To use the help texts the relevant file must be copied to the TACLog main directory, and the language abbreviation must be set in the custom settings (MAIN MENU 5,1). Files are less than 50 kB in size.

Language Translated by Updated Download
Czech OK1XH 1997 tl_cze.zip
Croatian 9A3ZA - Contact 9A3ZA
Danish OZ4CHD 19990509 tl_dan.zip
Dutch PE1KHP 19980820 tl_ned.zip
English OZ2M At release time Included
Finish OH5YW - Contact OH5YW
German DJ4UF, OE3JPC, OZ4CHD 19990509 tl_deu.zip
Italian I4YNO, I5PVA 20020415 tl_ita.zip
Lithuanian LY2PU - Contact LY2PU
Polish SP3SUX 1996 tl_pol.zip
Russian EW6GB 20020412 tl_rus.zip
Spanish CO2OJ 19980909 tl_spa.zip

Help texts from earlier versions may be used, however, the help text might not be fully up to date. English help text in Word format.


TACLog utility programs are written by the users of TACLog for the benefit of some or all users. If you have one give it to somebody else, too.

Program name Description Author Version Download
Callook A small Windows 32 bit systems utility that can calculate distance between WWLs and look-up calls in a .C_W file. Callook is not used together with TACLog, but as a daily/DX utility. (109 kB) OZ2M 1,01 callo101.zip
CTCM Creative Plug and Play Configuration Manager. (25 kB) Creative Electronics 1,06 ctcm.zip
FodTrack FodTrack is a simple, straightforward program intended to control an azimuth-elevation rotator like the Yaesu-Kenpro 5400/5600, and a transceiver, for any kind of satellite orbits. Best efforts have been made to provide state of the art tracking accuracy, within the limitations imposed by commonly available orbital data.
TACLog can use the FodTrack interface. (190 kB)
XQ2FOD 2,4 fodtrk25.zip
Pax Simple but very efficient packet terminal program. Uses only about 10 kB of memory. Terminate Stay Resident and may be used at the same time as TACLog. (13 kB) VU2ZAP 3,200 pax320.zip
T2L Converts TACLog data files into user defined file format, for import into day-to-day logging programs, databases, spread sheets etc.
Sponsored by Charlie, SM4RGD. (26 kB)
OZ2M & SM4RGD 1,22 t2l122.zip
Voice Keyer
The TACLog WVK is a TACLog CW and Voice Message utility that may be used in Windows 95/98 only. Not Windows NT. When WVK is running, and TACLog is running in a DOS box and properly set-up, TACLog can play .WAV files using any sound card supported by Windows, not just Sound Blaster cards. Besides being able to use all sound cards the TACLog WVK also gives you full access to TACLog while executing the message. (168 kB) OZ2M 1,20 wvk120.zip

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