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2015-08-04 2015-08-11
  70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition 9A/OK1TEH/P - JN82UR - Holiday-style fun from Mlejt Island
Hello all,
just like in year 2013 I'm going to be qrv from JN82 SQR on 2m and 4m for a fun from the same place and with the same equpment.

On 4m I'll be running mainly MS FSK operation with 5el DK7ZB 4m agl, FT847 powered from car's battery, G4FUF LNA 1dB NF and full legal power ;) SQR JN82UR, 1st per, 70.230 +-QRM

This QTH is well opened into G/PA/ON/OK/OM/SP/ES direction however it's closed into EA and SV. Just for an info, this place is far from the pension, so first I must get there by a car in the evening and I'll be qrv only for about 5h, beacause after about 22h utc all equipment must be packed up again. I'm still not sure which days will be set for the operation but I'll try to be logged at KST chat and I'll use Shouts. By the way if you hear me via Es or tropo, I'll be capable to run CW too.

Photos from last year:

On 2m I'll take my FT-847 50W and 4el OK1KRC yagi, MS operation with such a small setup isn't sure yet but perhaps I'll try to be qrv 1 evening in FSK441 and maybe I'll make some small TR operation from the pension which is well opened for tropo into IT9. If you really need JN82 on 2m and you have big station, please send me an email at ok1teh@seznam.cz

QSL info: Compared to year 2013 I'm now preparing big QSLing action with new QSL cards. All cards for MS and 4m contacts will be sent via direct (qrz.com) [for both years]. In case that you want my QSL card, please tell me at my email. Cards for SP stations will be brought at SP meeting in Zieleniec.

73 & nice Summer to all
Matej, OK1TEH

QRV on VUSHF DX-peditions ShoutsQRV on Shouts
  http://ok1teh.nagano.cz/mljet/mljet2013.htm Matej, OK1TEH 2015-07-31

2019-06-01 2019-07-01
50 MHz 70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition EI9KP - Low VHF Experiment 8m + XB
During the month of June 2019 I will be running a Low VHF experiment from thye West of Ireland, activating a manned beacon (CW callsign + locator) on the Irish allocation "8m" band 40.250MHz, looking for reception reports.
Listening during the pause (30s cycle) for inter-EI contacts.
Cross-band two-way contacts are also possible either on 10m, 6m or 4m, generally following highest frequency Es conditions.
In-band 6m / 4m contacts are of course also possible (random calling).
My VHF antennas are in HP, broadside to Central Europe.
Will use KST Chat 50/70 page to announce beacon is ON as well as the XB frequency.
Callsign is EI9KP.
Contact email is callsign(at)GMX(dot)COM.
More info and pics on my QRZ page.

73, Phil

    Phil, ON4TA 2019-05-23

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