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VUSHF DX is a do-it-yourself site. You write/update a message and publish it without delay.
You are free to post a message even if you not involved in the event yourself. Log in to post a message.

2014-04-12 2014-04-12
  70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition SM6/OZ2M - Spring time in Sweden
One day operation from the ESR AGM and next to the Grimeton VLF transmitter.

Locator: JO67EC

QRG: 70,1375 MHz, +/- 12,5 kHz, and with the possibility of split operation. If Es I may QSY elsewhere due to Es target area. Whatever frequency I am on it is the right one so zero in om me!

MS: Second period. QSOs will only be made with stations complying with the IARU Region 1 MS procedure.

Station: 25 W ERP and 7 el.with 1 dB beamwidth of +/-15 deg.

- Q: Will my chances of working you improve if I donít read any of the information you post prior to asking you a question? A: No, on the contrary
- Q: Donít you think it is a good idea that I donít send the report when I respond to your CQ? A: No
- Q: I have invented my own MS messages donít you think they improve the communication? A: No, they do not. Use only IARU Region 1 VHF Committee Meteor Scatter procedure messages. Otherwise you slow down things and may even jeopardize the QSO
- Q: I am not on VUSHF DX Most Wanted DX can I have a sked? A: No

- Q: How can I ensure that you have the patience to work me? A: I have a lot of patience for stations on VUSHF DX Most Wanted DX
- Q: How to work you on split? A: Look for me calling e.g. CQ S950. Donít put your TX on the agreed frequency but the DIFFERENCE between the stated QRG and the agreed QRG I should listen for you. E.g. I say I transmit on 137 but in reality it might be on 137,4. If I call CQ S950 then you should transmit 187 kHz lower even if this is not on 950!
- Q: On meteor scatter when do I know the QSO has been completed? A: Check out Shouts
- Q: When do you start operation? A: Check out Shouts
- Q: When do you stop operation? A: Check out Shouts
- Q: What is your CQ QRG? A: Check out Shouts
- Q: What is your CQ QTF? A: Check out Shouts

- Q: Why do you have such a focused way of operating? Why not go for the more casual and chatting style? A: Focused operation is the only way to work as many stations as possible
- Q: Donít you think it is to much work for me to turn my antenna to you? A: No, the effort of turning your antenna can hardly be bigger than making a DX-pedition
- Q: Why do you send other reports than 26 it is confusing? A: I send reports that comply with the IARU Region 1 VHF Committee Meteor Scatter procedure on signal and duration reporting
- Q: How can I reduce the number of stations that you work? A: This you can do very effectively on meteor scatter by sending e.g. your locator or calling me without a report even if you have heard me or invent your own non IARU Region 1 VHF Committee Meteor Scatter procedure messages

For direct QSLs please send 15 DKK via paypal12 @ this domain, or enclose 2 EUR with your own QSL to cover return postage. Direct QSLs with insufficient postage will be returned via bureau. But please remember I am a lousy QSLer.

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    Bo, OZ2M 2014-04-01

2017-03-30 2017-04-02
Link to DX-pedition EI/ON4TA/P - 23cm/13cm from the Irish East Coast
I will be QRV from the Wicklow Mountains on 23cm and 13cm with an SG Lab transverter and Yagi. Backpacker operation for SOTA so low power (1W) and battery powered.

I am planning to do hill tops with good signal path to UK across the Irish Sea.

Calling on 1296.200 USB and 2320.200 USB.

I expect to be QRV around midday for about 1 hour. Sorry no KST chat but will post a text alert on SOTA Watch.

73, Phil

    Phil, ON4TA 2017-03-19

2017-04-13 2017-04-23
KP37, KP36, KP44 OH
50 MHz 70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition OF1MN - OF1MN holidaystyle from KP37, KP36 and KP44

I will go to our cottage in KP37pa Pyhätunturi again for holidays.
Will be QRV sporadic from KP37 (and KP36px if time) and when coming back to south will stay a few nights in KP44cd.
Will be QRV 4m and 6m SSB, MS...
Setup is not big, 5el 4m and 3el 6m, rig is the good old FT847.
Frequencies to be determed on site. Will be QRV in KST 4m/6m Chat.
QSL via OH1MN, buro / direct.

KP37 (and KP36) 13.04-18/19.04.2017
KP44 18/19.04-23.04.2017

73 de Markus OF1MN
  http://www.sral.fi/oh1mn Markus, OH1MN 2017-03-17

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