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2012-11-15 2012-11-18
KP03 KP12 KP13 KP14 OH
  70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition OH5LID - 2012 Leonids previous plan

plan to hit last RED ones OH land area as far map shows. Hopefully can work those ones as much as possible and then OH maps should be not RED anymore 6/4/2m ;)

Do you need? I can see it from MWS list - pse dont be stupid and mark only those locators where I go - I have plan to go there anyway and it dont help anybody else when they plan future expeditions.

15th Nov KP12LW OH6AC club
16th Nov KP03SA Meteoria
(16)17th Nov KP13FA Radiola OH6R
(17)18th Nov KP14QC Ohtakari
(17-18th Nov KP24IA Huhmarkallio
18-19th Now KP33NJ Pölönmäki

So timetable is to try visit 2 sqr per day. When so limited time I will not work any skeds, better to be only random and pick up strongest caller. Pse keep procedure simple!

I will use only TX message 3 and 6, you should use 2 and 4 only, not any extra 73's etc needed. When you hear my CQ answer with raport. Just 15th 18-22z is 4m NAC, then add ur tx message 4 also 6 digit locator. If we work already from KP12 before NAC dupe qso not needed. I have already enought NAC points this year and win hole cup :)

Tropo stations can call on ssb anytime.

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  http://www.elisanet.fi/oh5lid/me2.htm Janne, OH5LID 2012-11-16
Henrik, OZ8ZS2012-11-16 09:08>GM Janne, I hate Esc buttom on PC, GL cul

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