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2009-09-14 2009-09-18
JN33 3A
  70 MHz
144 MHz  
Link to DX-pedition 3A/OZ2M - Monaco on the air
I will be QRV from Monaco, JN33RR, after the Weinheim VHF Meeting.

Operation will be from very late in the evening to early in the morning ONLY!

According to Chris, PA2CHR, the RX noise level in Monaco is rather high. So using a preamp is impossible. Therefore you need all the power your transmitter can make!

- 70,204 MHz, first
- 144,395 MHz, first

70 MHz: 25 W and 5 el. 9 mAGL
144 MHz: 100 W and 15 el. 9 mAGL

I do not plan to mount antennas for both bands every night! 14/15: 70 MHz, 15/16: 144 MHz, 16/17: 144 MHz, 17/18: 70 MHz. However, operation is sensitive to getting access to the main quay. If not accessible I am not QRV.

Take off from Monaco is tough SW-N-E.

All in all this means that on air time is limited and challenged. So be there and keep your Most Wanted Squares and DXCCs updated otherwise I will not know that you are interested.

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  http://rudius.net/oz2m Bo, OZ2M 2009-09-16

2019-06-01 2019-07-01
50 MHz 70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition EI9KP - Low VHF Experiment 8m + XB
During the month of June 2019 I will be running a Low VHF experiment from thye West of Ireland, activating a manned beacon (CW callsign + locator) on the Irish allocation "8m" band 40.250MHz, looking for reception reports.
Listening during the pause (30s cycle) for inter-EI contacts.
Cross-band two-way contacts are also possible either on 10m, 6m or 4m, generally following highest frequency Es conditions.
In-band 6m / 4m contacts are of course also possible (random calling).
My VHF antennas are in HP, broadside to Central Europe.
Will use KST Chat 50/70 page to announce beacon is ON as well as the XB frequency.
Callsign is EI9KP.
Contact email is callsign(at)GMX(dot)COM.
More info and pics on my QRZ page.

73, Phil

    Phil, ON4TA 2019-05-23

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