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2007-07-10 2007-07-16
GP47, GP36 OX
50 MHz 70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition - ****OX2A GP47TA***** OX3OX-Ole and OX3LX-Bo small 6m EME DXp
Ole-OX3OX and I-OX3LX plan to be qrv on *2m, 4m and 6m from GP47TA (same site as OX2K). Call will be OX2A and or our OX calls.

We will try to make some 6m EME and hope for Es Au or AuE on 4, 6m It is a combined work and vacation DXpedtion so dont expect to much.

Picture of OX2A (OX2K) Site

Rig on 6m TEN TEC ORION and ACOM1000 (1KW), Antenna: 7 elm m2.
QRG 50.118 Mhz, we try to have a keyer running as OX2A/b when not qrv 10W

*2m IC7000, we have decide not to do any 2m setup however it will be possibel for us to be qrv with 170W and a 17elm but depends on time and condx on 6m.

Rig 4m FT847+pre.amp 40-80W and a 4 or 5elm, OX4MB/b will be QRV on 70.012 Mhz (FSK keying) when we not QRV QRG 70.205 Mhz.

No sked will be arrenge but we will be qrv on chats like ON4KST, NACHAT and EME logger.

After 16/7 to 25/7 OX3LX will contiune to GP36DW and be QRV on 6m only with a 5elm M2 and IC7000 100w (maybe ACOM PA)

SMS is so far +45 22 65 93 03 pse send a SMS if any signs of CONDX.. we will try and update on Shouts as thing happen so remember to look there!!

Webpage of OX2A (OX2K) Site

QRV on VUSHF DX-peditions ShoutsQRV on Shouts
  http://ox3lx.geronne.dk Bo, OZ1DJJ 2007-07-08

2019-06-01 2019-07-01
50 MHz 70 MHz
Link to DX-pedition EI9KP - Low VHF Experiment 8m + XB
During the month of June 2019 I will be running a Low VHF experiment from thye West of Ireland, activating a manned beacon (CW callsign + locator) on the Irish allocation "8m" band 40.250MHz, looking for reception reports.
Listening during the pause (30s cycle) for inter-EI contacts.
Cross-band two-way contacts are also possible either on 10m, 6m or 4m, generally following highest frequency Es conditions.
In-band 6m / 4m contacts are of course also possible (random calling).
My VHF antennas are in HP, broadside to Central Europe.
Will use KST Chat 50/70 page to announce beacon is ON as well as the XB frequency.
Callsign is EI9KP.
Contact email is callsign(at)GMX(dot)COM.
More info and pics on my QRZ page.

73, Phil

    Phil, ON4TA 2019-05-23

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